How to start a podcast at home

First, it’s time to let go of your traditional “nine-to-five, in-the-office” mindset, a relic that is increasingly at odds with today’s dynamic workforce. For those still clinging to a rigid structure, this might feel like a leap into the abyss. However, the alternative is a debilitating anchoring bias — relying too heavily on the first piece of information encountered (in this case, traditional work models) when making decisions. Shake off this outdated mooring and embrace hybrid and even fully remote work options. Use this as an opportunity to gather data on productivity, engagement and wellbeing, adjusting your course as needed.

working from home podcast

And more than a third of employees wish they worked in a different work environment that aligns with their preference. This paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis doesn’t merely add an interesting viewpoint to the dialogue about the future of work. It serves as a clarion call for the immediate reevaluation of long-held assumptions about what motivates people to commit their time and energy to an organization. The time to act is now because, as the Fed suggests, this is not a temporary phenomenon; it’s a deeply rooted, long-lasting transformation that is expected to endure. In the ever-evolving landscape of work, remote work has emerged as a lifestyle choice for many. Meet Chris Ming, a Growth Product Manager in a climate technology company, who not only thrives in this environment but champions its cause.

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Coming to this realization is a big-time bummer in many, many different ways, but working in the comfort of your own home does offer some time for personal growth and solitude. Still, oftentimes, WFH can feel like there are so, so many hours in a day, and you have to figure out how to spend the time wisely. Well, someone has—and Gimlet’s Every Little Thing podcast finds the answers to these listener questions and more, no matter how strange or obscure. Their willingness to tackle off-the-wall topics answers questions about the world that you never knew you had. Ironically, one of the recommendations from the report that looked at the incident at Three Mile Island back in 1979 was that the NRC offices should be consolidated to a single location so that expertise could be shared and expanded. Increased working from home would, obviously, turn that recommendation on its head.

working from home podcast

If you’re having trouble concentrating at work, give podcast listening a try. You might find that giving your brain something to follow can help you focus better on whatever else you’re doing. With so many options, finding the best podcast to listen to at work can be tricky. Some podcasts are better for deep focus, while others are great for learning about obscure topics that can boost your creativity.


Follow for career development, balancing work and life and personal Work From Home Forever stories on the Work From Home Forever podcast. Many USB microphones are more than fine to get your podcast off the ground, but if you’re past that stage or are just ready for an upgrade in quality then you’ll want to go with an XLR microphone. These don’t connect directly to a computer via USB, and instead require an XLR cable working from home podcast and an interface. You plug the XLR mic into one end and then connect the interface to your computer via USB. It will then convert the analog signals coming from the microphone into 1’s and 0’s that can be recorded into a computer. For those that don’t want to do too much work and simply want to plug a microphone into your computer and hit record, then a USB microphone like the Blue Yeti X or Movo UM700 will be your way to go.

Since 2017, host Adam Finan has shared advice to start a business or land a remote job traveling the world. As a result, Adam interviews other digital nomads and professional remote workers on Shopify Plus to share tips and experiences. From building a passive income to using LinkedIn to find new clients, Digital Nomad Cafes provides valuable information and inspirational stories. While reading this list of best podcasts for remote workers, you likely felt drawn to one in particular.

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We’ll be in your inbox every morning Monday-Saturday with all the day’s top business news, inspiring stories, best advice and exclusive reporting from Entrepreneur. It’s not just about beanbags, free lunches or casual Fridays anymore. The Fed and Gympass data illustrate that wellbeing and flexibility are directly proportional to how engaged, happy and productive employees are.

How a short-term COVID podcast, Days Like These, unearthed remarkable stories and clocked up 100 episodes – ABC News

How a short-term COVID podcast, Days Like These, unearthed remarkable stories and clocked up 100 episodes.

Posted: Tue, 24 Oct 2023 20:37:34 GMT [source]

Of course, it isn’t going to sound great, but in a pinch it gets the job done. There are still some important things about microphones and general recording that you’ll need to know before you start recording your podcast. We’ve covered most of these topics before so I’ll link to the corresponding deep dives if you want to learn more, but we’ll just go over the basics here. To help navigate the (new to many) work of remote work, we drew up a list of some helpful podcasts that are targeted at people who work from home.

How to start a podcast at home

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