5 Reasons Every Business Should Implement BI by Adam Finer

Having an active vigilance over the processes and standard procedures helps to rectify any error rather quickly. For example, for a logistics company struggling with delayed deliveries, knowing where and why the delays are happening, could prove quite valuable. This kind of insight into their business operations could help the business to largely improve their […]

Liquidity Provider for Forex FX Prime of Prime services

Once the forex broker chooses the right liquidity provider, the liquidity provider himself will run a risk analysis on that specific EUR/USD order. If the risk to take that order is too high, they might decide to refuse it. So the forex broker will have to look for liquidity providers that are willing to take […]

Global Blockchain Market Size, Industry Share & Trends 2032

Investors are greatly overestimating the speed with which the related blockchain technology will see a broad-based adoption. This may retrace trading euphoria in a bigger way in the cryptocurrency space. The attitude of traditional banks, especially the larger ones towards crypto and DeFi is changing. With central banks around the world beginning to embrace the […]

What Is Mobile Attribution and How Does It Work?

On mobile devices, the constantly changing array of apps, devices and IP addresses, makes that journey much less linear. With marketing budgets spread so wide, companies must know which tactic convinces a customer to convert. Measurement techniques for mass-market, analog advertising tools have always been imprecise. For example, post-buy analysis gives media planners and buyers […]

Buy Bitcoin & Crypto Crypto Exchange, App & Wallet

Since the launch, we have been optimizing and streamlining our service to make it intuitive and convenient for customers of different experiences. Right now, you can buy crypto, sell and exchange it in just several clicks. Cryptocurrency mining involves solving complex mathematical equations with the goal of earning some cryptocurrencies. These equations validate blocks of […]

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